StarVision launched Locate.Services : A Location Based Services (LBS) portal
By: Stella Toh 27/12/2002

(Singapore, December 27, 2002) StarVision announces the launch of the Locate.ServicesTM portal today. In August 2002, the StarVision Consortium was awarded a distinguished license to develop and offer Map Content. Working closely with the Singapore Land Authority (SLA), the Consortium launches the first series of LBS in barely four (4) months!

The first-ever license was awarded by the SLA. It requires the Consortium to work in tandem with the Authority to inject quality LBS into the e-lifestyle of everyone. To start off, StarVision launches Locate.POI and Locate.Property (Phase I). These LBS paves the way for a full range of LBS under the Locate. ServicesTM family :-

~ Locate.Property : Make Informed Decision on Property Transactions

~ Locate.POI : What is Available Around You

~ Locate.Advertisement : Instant Advertisement and Promotion

~ Locate.Enterprise : Asset Management

~ Locate.Person : Keeping tabs on the whereabouts of the person

~ Locate.P2P : From point-to-point, let the system bring you there

~ Locate.Web Services : Technology made simple
Locate.POI is the product made possible by SLA’s authenticated data. The map data in Oracle Spatial format from SLA are processed to respond to requests on searches for nearby categories of Points-Of-Interest. Users may search for nearby amenities or view the distribution of amenities across Singapore. A sample of the existing categories available are :-

~ Cinemas
~ Pubs/Discos
~ Shopping centres
~ MRT stations
~ Fast Food outlets
~ Restaurants
~ Main buildings
~ Libraries
~ Listing of Tourist attractions
~ Listing of Public Transportation
~ Listing of Health Care Service Providers
~ Listing of Education Institutes
~ Listing of Hotels and Accommodations
The categories are expected to be constantly expanded, so as to cater to a wider range of users.

Phase I of Locate.Property ( ) enables the public to perform caveat searches. Made possible by the authenticated property caveat data by SISV, Locate.Property is the first of its kind of LBS in Singapore. Basic membership registration is free. The business model rides on a pay-per-use model to encourage repeated usage of the service. In Phase I, the public may do caveat search via the Internet or WAP, using mobile devices.

From a mere $0.50, the search results returns with information on selling price and contract of the property enquired. Complete information such as Selling Price, Contract Date, Floor Area, Floor Rate, Land Area, Land Rate and Title of the Property are return with $2.50 and $5.00 searches.

In the pipeline, Locate.Property will be refined to include membership upgrade option as well as to enable access via other means, such as MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service).

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