StarVision launched integrated SMS applications for Location Based Services (LBS)
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® Child - 24 Hours Service of Locating Your Child
Over The Internet: Now Includes SMS!
By: Locate.Services 14/04/2004
(Singapore. March 30, 2004) The first of such service in Singapore, Locate.Child is catered for concerned parents, who wish to know their child’s whereabouts, without disturbing the child’s activities. Since its launch in late 2003, the service has seen rapid adoption among local parents. Today, StarVision is pleased to announce the launch of SMS service for Locate.Child, providing more mobility than the Internet.
With Locate.Child, a parent initiates requests for the location of the child and the information is provided on a map over the Internet. No action is required from the child. With the new feature of SMS requests, StarVision hopes that the already well-received service will flourish to new heights.

Locate.Child has provided me with a peace of mind. I can easily know the whereabouts of my child, without having to call him. It’s wonderful!”. Quote from a mother, who subscribed to the Locate.Child service.

Accessing to the service over the Internet is convenient. With SMS, now, that is mobility….” said another subscriber, who has been using the service to locate his daughter.

Locate.Child, offered on StarHub’s LBS platform, met with resounding success. Subscribers of the service signed up for a mere $5.00 a month for easy access to location information of their child. Similar child locating service is also available in the United Kingdom (U.K.) and Australia. In UK, the service is charged at £5.99 (equivalent to S$18.00).

Anytime, Anywhere. The guiding vision of StarVision, is further manifested in the latest move by the company. Pay-as-you-use is a key principle in StarVision’s LBS offerings, inline with the company’s mission to bring LBS into daily function of every household and business operation!   In addition, Locate.Child is also available as Locate.Resources for location information of staff on-the-move. Similarly, Locate.Resources is also available over the Internet, PDA and SMS.

About StarVision

StarVision is a technology company, focused on Internet and mobile solutions. Awarded the first ever license to collaborate with the Singapore Land Authority (SLA), other LBS services launched includes Locate.Property, Locate.POI (Points of Interest), Locate.Enterprise, catering to the needs of consumers, communities and business operations.

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