Since our inauguration in 1996, STARVISION has been building fortes in Software Consultancy, Development and System Integration in Singapore, Australia, China, Brunei and Malaysia.

STARVISION is made up of two main divisions:

The Enterprise Division provides Consultancy and development of web based Enterprise Management Systems, Front Office Applications, Financial Performance Measurement Solutions and Business Intelligence Tools. The Division takes pride in themselves in enhancing the productivity and automating work procedures of the enterprises.

The LBS (Location Based Services) Division provides Consultancy and development of LBS and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). The LBS Division takes on the direction of e-Lifestyle and brings forth much excitement in provision of their services. Pioneers in Singapore, the Division constantly aim to bring LBS into every organization, every school, every home, every one.

Mission Statement

STARVISION is an information technology company whose key growth areas are wireless and electronic businesses. We aspire to be the leading e-business solutions provider in the Asia Pacific Region and as well as a key player in building e-business solutions in the region. The e-business solutions will collectively encompass both Enterprise Systems as well as Location Based Services.


Our Vision

Be ahead of others with STARVISION as the one-stop provider of mobile e-commerce solutions in the Asia Pacific Region by leading companies which are still engaging in brochureware business practices towards the Internet and Mobile E-commerce revolution in the new millennium.

Our Strategy

STARVISION is a Information Technology company that rides on the waves of technology as a means to be a leader in the e-commerce and wireless arena. As a pioneer in mobile e-commerce, S TAR V ISION aspires to be the leading mobile e-commerce solutions provider in the Asia Pacific Region and also a key player in building mobile e-commerce in the region.

STARVISION will make her vision a reality following these mobile e-technology oriented strategies:


  • STARVSION shall create economies of scalebased on R&D, customer base and strategic partnership.
  • STARVSION shall recognize emergent industry trends in advance and incorporate them into our products and services, such as wireless, e-commerce and workflow.
  • STARVSION shall focus on geographical areas with immense and potential business markets such as Singapore, South East Asia and Great China.
  • STARVSION shall specialise by product type such as mobile e-commerce solutions and services.


At STARVISION, our core objective is to grow with our partners and ensure that their investment in the IT would be protected, giving them a competitive edge. To ease the decision process, our comprehensive range of products have been categorized into the following family :
We are a One-Stop-Solution Provider by providing a series of fully integrated powerful applications that caters for the demands of different industry segments. The solutions have been proven to deliver the best price performance value to our clients.

Based on client / server up to multi-tier architecture, our web-intelligent e-business solutions operate under a wide range of major computer environments, ranging from Windows NT, Windows NT Cluster Solutions, Novell NetWare to UNIX.

We are well equipped with in-house facilities and expertise to install and support server processes. Simultaneously, we also have a team of experts to develop business solutions based on forefront technology, such as WAP, workflow engine and web-based application for every industry.

For many companies, it is a challenge to simplifty these technologies of the future a feature-rich products. However, with Starvision, we accept it as our everyday goal.

At STARVISION, "Connecting Business" through wireless or internet is not just our slogan, it is our business.
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