What Our Customers Say About Us ….

" StarVision’s touch-screen application is easy to use and understand. Their staff are also helpful and friendly."

Ms. Salina, Manager, Long House Fresh Fruits Pte Ltd 



" We are happy with the touch-screen POS that StarVision provides. Easy to use system and helpful staff."

Mr. Yvon Paquette, IT Manager, Hamworthy Pte Ltd



" The MecWise® POS system is very user-friendly and the touch screen makes our work easier."

Ms. Sek Ah Suan, IT Manager, Awareness Enterprise Pte Ltd



" MecWise® system is easy-to-use and stable. With MecWise® solution, we have real-time information that helps in our daily operations."

Singapore Cancer Society



" We are using MecWise® POS and Distribution Enterprise System. It is an integrated system which provides us up to date information on POS, Inventory, AR, AP and GL. "

" The StarVision team has been providing good after sales support service, in particular to our consignment system which requires some customisation. "

Ms. Tan L C, Director, Evergreen Buddhist Culture Service Pte Ltd



" We have been using MecWise® (Retail POS and Supply Chain) system since year 2003 and we are happy with the services and support provided by StarVision. "

NUS Co-operative Society



" We have been using MecWise® (Retail POS and Supply Chain) for more than 5 years.  Along the years, we have seen many improvements and stability of the system.  MecWise®, is easy to understand and use.  The timely customer support service provided by the team has also been good and efficient. "

ITE Co-operative Society



" A comprehensive web-based Payroll and Time Management solution, which accommodates our complicated computation and reduces time required for verification and processing of payroll. "

" With the integration of the web-based leave system, it reduces paper work and processing time of the application. " 

HR Team – IKEA Singapore



" Excellent product, well worth the investment. We are very happy with the team’s professionalism. "

Mr. Neo, Manager, Natural Cool Holdings Ltd.



" The team is very professional and able to recommend the right solution. The setup was smooth and the after-sales service is excellent. The investment is worthy and cost effective. "

GSI (Gas Services International)



" The MecWise® System had allowed us to integrate our Human Resource Information System into one portal. Previously we had different systems for leave application, travel application, training application, etc. With MecWise®, our employees had a “one-stop” portal for all such applications. "

" Its payroll system is in compliance with governmental regulations and is always updated accordingly. "  

" This allows us to compute our payroll with no worries. "

Mr. Yeo, AGM, GA/HR, Itochu Singapore



" Great after sales support and actively providing quality advices and products to us."

Mr. Jacob Soh, IT Manager, New Shan Travel Service Pte Ltd



" MecWise® presented the benefits of outsourcing Payroll simply and honestly. Immediately it was obvious, this was uncomplicated and most importantly it removed the weekly burden of completing a very time consuming task. Having the ability to trust this task is completed professionally and accurately each and every week has benefits far beyond what one sees. It has given us the time to concentrate on working on the business and not (the complicated Payroll computation)! "

" Having used MecWise®, we can now spend much time and energy on marketing, sales, operations and finance. We highly recommend their team. They have been patient, understanding, efficient and accurate in all they do. "

A holding company with several restaurants and catering services



" We needed a good Payroll and Time Management System to pay our staff on time and accurately. (MecWise®) Payroll System and Time Management System deliver the outcome we require. "

" Since the implementation of the MecWise® Payroll and Time Management System, not only the above has been achieved, the Store Managers are able to plan, manage and approve the time clocked by stall in all the outlets in Singapore. "

Ms. Clarisse Ng, HR Manager,Home-Fix, the D-I-Y Store



" Since using MecWise® Time Management System, we are able to process our Payroll on-time and accurately. This gives the management the possibility to reallocate HR staff for other more important functions. "

Ms. Jasmine Sng, GM, MUJI (Singapore) Pte Ltd



" MecWise® Time Management System has helped us in managing and processing staff’s working hours without too much of a hassle and manual effort required. There is also no need for us to worry about updating business rules (i.e. CPF rates), as the system handles such updates for us. "

Mr. Benedict Leow, Director, The Soup Spoon



" We are very happy with the Spam Filtering System and it has proven to be a worthy investment. "

Ms. Karelyn Yep, IT Office, Singapore International Chamber of Commerce



" MecWise® POS System allows us to retrieve real time information and data in our daily operations.  This important information had allowed us to keep our stocks at a level which meets our customers’ needs and at the same time without too much stock piling. "

" The cost of setting up MecWise was a pleasant surprise as it was definitely more affordable compared to others in the market.  With the system performance meeting our needs, it is indeed a good value investment for our company. "

" With the excellent and prompt service support, I have not hesitation in recommending MecWise® POS System to companies looking for a reliable and cost efficient Point of Sales! "

Mr. Bobby Lim, Proprietor, Springleaf Taiwan Porridge



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