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The single solution for all professional services companies

HansaWorld Professional Services Automation Software Solution within Enterprise for Creatives is a single application for all your agency's needs. Uniquely, it combines job bag and document management with job costing and accounts, e-mail, scheduling and time recording, expenses, and much more. All of this is built on unrivalled technology:


  • Professional Services Automation Software solution runs on Windows, Mac (including Apple on Intel), Linux
  • Out of the box support for multiple sites on the same server, access by mobile staff, working from home without the need for expensive, additional hardware
  • Access from certain mobile phones not just to emails, calendars and timesheets, but to all aspects of the accounting and donor/membership management system
  • Powerful integration with Microsoft Office products to increase your productivity

Job Bag

If you have paper flying about your agency, uncontrolled word processing templates and no idea of which version you are on for key documents, then HansaWorld Professional Services Automation Software for Creatives is for you. You can attach files from any outside application to any record in HansaWorld - for example allowing you to control all your artwork on a single job record, which anyone can then access. However, the key job bag documents are provided within the database. Documents such as creative briefs and scripts can be saved in a common, controlled format, with simple-to-use version control so you can retain each version.

Customer Relations and Pitching

HansaWorld Professional Services Automation Software for Creatives includes a fully-featured system for customer relationship management (CRM). you can keep track of all e-mails, letters, SMSs and conversations with clients, and bring them all together in a single, on-screen report, with drill-down to the actual record or document. These are not just attachments to outside systems, but records within the application: HansaWorld for Creatives includes email, letter writing, SMS sending and the saving of to-do style, date-based notes and prompts. This offers you significant time savings and simpler usage to send information to your clients.

You can also prepare Quotations, with all the details necessary for the pitch. Keep track of all stages of the pitch, such as when next to contact the client. It is easy to run reports on the likely value of forward orders, conversion rates, average deal sizes and like. You can create a job record at any time (automatically, from the Quotation), to give you a job number to charge your time against.

Project Planning

Build an overall timeline and allocate responsibilities for specific tasks. Create a budget for the job, separate from the Quotation, that allows you to cost details differently from the pitch: add in non-chargeable costs and time, different times for each task, and whatever else is required for the complete picture

Scheduling and Time Recording

HansaWorld Professional Services Automation Software for Creatives offers significant savings to operations staff by speeding up the process of creating the work schedules. Use a graphical chart to add job tasks, and drag-and-drop to reallocate work between employees. You can view the schedule for the whole agency at a time, or filter by any preset job group, by job number, or by individual employee. Once scheduled, all that is necessary to make a time recording entry is to tick a checkbox that the work has been done - this makes all the necessary entries against the job!

Alternatively, if there are no benefits of scheduling work in advance, use day-based or week-based timesheet screens for fast entry of time against projects.


Control all aspects of the purchasing process, whether for media, subcontractors, production, other job-related costs or even overheads, through HansaWorld's integrated purchase ordering and invoicing screens. Record Purchase Orders for all your key purchases, allocated against jobs.

Authorisations are handled electronically, and either kept as simple as a yes or no, or more flexible with different authorisers (or groups of authorisers) for each type of purchase at different cost levels. Purchase Invoices can be raised directly from the Purchase Order, and posted straight into the accounts. There is even a separate Expenses module, allowing users who incur expenses (travel, subsistence, mileage, entertaining etc.) to enter their own expenses, rather than requiring manual claim sheets which would then have to be rekeyed by accountants.


HansaWorld Professional Services Automation Software for Creatives provides you with interactive checklists and screens for all aspects of the production process.

Record everything from dimensions and pagination through to colours, processes, proof types, artwork and repro details, including the schedule of when actions are required. Use interactive checklists for signing off every last detail on the proofing stages.


HansaWorld handles any schedule of invoicing, and based on budgets, actual costs or any number of pre-set amounts at any date. You can set up a default presentation for an invoice, which can be varied for any project. This determines the level of detail independently for entries from time sheets (time and consumables), and for purchases. Detail varies from every transaction to one line per project, but alternatively allows listing by item or by item group.

Prior to invoicing, you may change the quantity or price of any time-based item. Markups can be associated with each item, so that they can be recharged at the marked-up price from the job. Alternatively, you may change the mark-up percentage for any item prior to invoicing. Invoices can be raised automatically across jobs for a client. HansaWorld provides an on-screen report for all items on a project yet to be invoiced. Like many key reports in HansaWorld, this has full drill-down, both for transactions and budget details. You can double-click down to the detailed transaction and edit quantity, price, discount or mark-up figures to make final adjustments prior to invoicing. Billable entries can be marked as pinvoice after dateq and any number of interim down payment or deposit invoices can be raised and set off against the final invoice.


With HansaWorld Professional Services Automation Software for Creatives, forget any rekeying of data between systems - it includes a full accounts package, as accredited by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. This provides everything from VAT handling and reports for your auditors, through to bank reconciliations, credit control, statements and extensive, standard reporting.


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