DocuLive products offer standard microsoft windows user interface and can be installed and run on any standard networked PC. DocuLive Basic runs on any UNIX and Windows-NT system and on a broad range of relational databases.
General Benefits
DocuLive is one of the most successful document management systems distributed through SBS/SNI/Siemens.
The main success factors for this are:
Open Architecture : DocuLive products can be installed and run on any networked PC, DocuLive Basic runs on any Unix and Microsoft Windows-NT server and on a broad range of relational databases. Client and Server interfaces are available.
Integration : The DocuLive Products has always been developed with flexibility and openness in mind to integrate with components of choice. Modules can be used individually as stand alone solutions, or easily integrated with other systems. All DocuLive objects are Active X Components.
Compatibility : DocuLive handle all kinds of data, i.e. word processing documents, e-mail messages, technical drawings, scanned images, sound and video clips and more.
Profitability : Low start up and administration costs lead to quick return on invest for the customer.
Acceptance : With a great experience of the DocuLive staff and several standard user interfaces, comprising Windows, Web browser as well as Microsoft Outlook, we achieve high acceptance within out user base.
Easy to use : Frequently contact with our 80,000 users lead to optimal implementation of users and customers needs in DocuLive.
Performance : High performance through continuously improvement of the DocuLive products with follows the market needs and take care of state of the art standards
Customising : The product portfolio is modular, so that customising can be easily done. After some training and experience the customising can be done in the region in accordance with the product unit in Norway.
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