Easy for Nationalisation : Due to the fact, that only the text files have to be translated the nationalisation of DocuLive in different languages is very easy. At the moment following international version of DocuLive products exist:
  • English – Norwegian – Swedish
  • Danish – Portuguese – Czech
  • German – Russian
  • Italian – Spanish

DMS Competence : Since 10 years in the DMS market with a lot of experience in different projects and countries we are in a great situation to increase the business and exchange experience. Additional we continuously recruit young dynamic people, so that we are prepared for future needs.

Excellent References : Long-term key account relationship over Europe and yearly enlarge of our customer base relieve the acquisition in start up markets.


DocuLive Horizontal Modules:
The functionality described under DocuLive Functions-Overview is available in a series of integrated DocuLive products:
  • DocuLive Basic
  • DocuLive for Mircosoft Office
  • DocuLive Basic For WWW
  • DocuLive Scan
  • DocuLive View
  • DocuLive Revision Control


DocuLive Verticle Modules for the Public Sector :
The vertical modules are supporting requirements and needs both in central government bodies as well as local authorities. The modules are based on two Norwegian standards "Statens Generelle Kravspesifikasjon" (SGK-II) and NOARK-IV, which describe how to handle electronic documents in Public Organisations.
  • Case File Manager
  • Case Handler
  • Meeting
  • Building
  • Distribution
  • Personnel

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