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Do you battle to structure and refine product information in your company?
Do you want to make the process of generating product data sheets and catalogues
more effective?
Do you want your entire sales force, including your dealers, to know what they are
selling and have access to correct and up-to-date information?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, read on...

Marketing encyclopaedia
ESM Product+ is an extension of the product module in standard ESM. With ESM Product+, you can archive documents related to a product or a product group. You can thus link documents to a product in the same way as you can link documents to a customer, a salesperson or a project elsewhere in ESM. You can archive all types of documents: text, spreadsheets, presentations, images, video, audio, and others.

ESM Product+ gives you direct access to all existing documentation about a product. With one click, you can retrieve a product presentation or start a video. You always have up-to-date and correct information easily available, with no need to search in archives or on the file server for product documentation.

Product WEB and catalogue production
When you use Product+ to structure all product information, including images, in a database, you have an optimal foundation for a product Web. Catalogue production can also be automated and made more efficient through integration with a tool such as PageMaker.

Production of product sheets
With ESM Product+, you can store all information about a product in the database. Using an unlimited number of fields for notes and images, as well as ordinary additional fields, you can store both technical documentation and sales arguments.

You can use this information actively, for example to create product sheets or data sheets. You can create templates in your word processor and use these to merge all information from the SalesMaker database, including images and RTF text, into a document. The data sheets are stored with a link to the product, as described in the section above.

This makes maintenance of your product documentation much simpler, while salespeople will always have access to the latest, correct version of the documentation.

Revision and version control
Through integration with the document management system ProArc, you have full functionality for revision and version control. ESM displays only the current revision, simplifying front-office use.

Product structures
You can use ESM Product+ to build all the product relations you can imagine. Products can be linked to each other with roles that you have created yourself for defining relations, such as:

  • included in
  • consists of
  • variant of
  • member of group
This type of information is invaluable when you are creating price lists in which products are to be sorted by product group and subgroup. You can also use product structures and variants actively when working with proposals. When ESM Product+ has been installed, the Offer/Proposal (Tilbudsmodulen) module is extended with a new folder called the Help Form (Hjelpeskjema). In this folder, you can navigate through product structures, and it is easy to retrieve possible variants.
Activity analyses
With ESM Product+ you can carry out activity analyses for individual products or product groups. ESM Product+ makes it possible to relate activities to products and product groups. The result of these links appear in the folders for activity, document, proposal and sale in the product module.
Against the background of this information, you can run reports that show the relationship between resources used and results for all combinations of product, salesperson, project and contact.
Product team
You can also use ESM Product+ to register the people with various functions related to the different products and/or product groups. You choose which functions are relevant, and relate your own employees to these functions. In this way, everybody can immediately see who is responsible for support, service, procurement and follow-up of the various products and product groups.
Automatic enclosure of product sheets
When you send an offer, you can set up ESM to ask you what product sheets you want to enclose. When you produce the proposal letter itself, all the selected product sheets are automatically output together with the proposal letter on a printer, fax, or e-mail.
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