Enterprise SalesMaker WebEdition
ESM Web Edition
ESM Web Edition delivers the flexibility of the Internet combined with the power of
Enterprise SalesMaker. Your sales force, employees, partners and management can all access critical sales
and customer information quickly, easily and securely, from virtually anywhere.

Web-based architecture
ESM Web Edition is true web-based software; all you need is a standard web browser and an Internet connection to access the rich functionality of ESM. That’s it. ESM Web Edition users access the same data as local Windows users, so everyone in the organization is always ‘on the same page’. Dynamically generated pages ensure that fast, reliable and accurate informationreaches your web-based users.

Easy to set-up, easy to use
A popular business catch-phrase these days is ‘total cost of ownership’, which reflects the cost of a solution above and beyond the basic software and hardware. ESM Web Edition helps you control your total cost of ownership in a number of ways: deployment costs are minimized because all your users need is a web browser, client administration costs are zero because all changes are made on the server and best of all, training costs are reduced through the user-friendly point and click’ web interface.

The right tool for the job
Because ESM Web Edition operates on the same system as the traditional Windows-based client, you can use both clients throughout your organization, with the flexibility to deliver the most appropriate interface intranet or a sophisticated online interface to help manage your entire supply chain, ESM Web Edition gives you the power to achieve your company’s vision.
Beyond CRM
Right ‘out of the box’, ESM Web Edition delivers many powerful advantages to your organization. Cutting-edge technology, a robust and open architecture, and a full set of options for integration give you the ability to make your CRM solution a true enterprise business system. You can take it a step farther and leverage your ERP, Human Resources, Online Order Entry and other key enterprise applications to integrate through ESM Web Edition and give you a streamlined single source of business information for everyone across your organization.

Account and Activity Management

  • view, update and search among your accounts and prospects, just like in the tradition ESM interface, with drill-down and drill-across functionality
  • user-friendly, ‘point and click’ function-ality allows you to scan current appointments and ‘check in’ without going to the office
  • keep on top of your current prospects and outstanding offers while on the road
  • access and update accounts in real time, on the same database as your local users
  • leverage Web resources for client information, homepages, etc.


  • review online sales library and otherdocuments
  • send and receive email and register the mail in your activities
  • use the same advanced security and administration features available on the standard ESM database
  • instantly update forms and interfaces at the server, completely seamless and transparent to the users
  • benefit from the same workflows and business logic embedded into ESM
  • no client administration required
  • built on industry standard platforms and protocols to easily integrate with your online presence, web-storefronts and other internet functionality
  • protect your data with additional security measures like Internet firewalls and other measures
  • control your total cost of ownership

Web Client: Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later
Server: Windows NT Server 4.0+ with Transaction Server and Internet Information Server

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