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HansaWorld provides fully integrated front and back office jewelry store software solution for jewelry industry, where end user can retrieve information about the clients and inventory, information about employees activities within the company from one single seamlessly integrated system.

Enterprise by HansaWorld CRMfunctionality allows you to give better customer service and be more proactive with sales. Workflow functionality allows you to set up follow up activities for sales people to find out about client's experience with your products and services.

HansaWorld provides the best jewelry software solution to manage your serialised items. The system allows you to have one stock keeping unit number, one stock number and below that within that item number as many serial numbers as you would like. This way the reporting is very consistent. It allows you to analyze the stock number or the item itself without having to run the reports just on serial. Also the serial numbers allow you to track items individually down to the client.


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Enterprise provides one of the few jewelry solutions worldwide that is tailored specifically for the Jewelry retail and manufacturing trades, and yet covers all the main business areas in a single, integrated application. This means that data collected at point of sale posts directly to the accounts, you can run Customer Relationship Management tools on it, perform your purchasing based on real-time inventory positions at multiple locations, manufacture or repair to order, and even have your website updated with minimal extra content management.

Point of Sales

Enterprise has a Point of Sales module, where users can enter sales from cash register on the shop floor. Cash registers are computers with real-time network access to a central server, whether in the same shop or at head office. Monitors have full support for touch screen data entry. HansaWorld also supports barcode data entry from Item codes and/or unique serial or lot numbers, printing to cash register printers, thermal or laser printers.

Choose whether to configure HansaWorld to ensure a customer full contact details are captured (such as address, telephone number and email) or just have a generic customer - particularly in high volume environments where there is no time to capture such information. Search for existing customers by any part of their details, including wildcard searches on their name. Enterprise supports Apples Coverflow feature, whereby you can select Items to sell using pictures of the Items - without needing to drilldown to the Item itself.

Pictures can also be printed on any invoice or other customer-facing documents. Alternatively you can select Items based on multilevel classifications, on text searches of many fields on the Item, or using drag and drop - that includes multiple selections. Use HansaWorld document management capabilities to attach external files such as brochures and technical specifications to Items, to give further support to sales staff.

In many countries there is support for credit card processing interacting with the point of sales. You can take any mix of credit cards, cash, checks, and gift vouchers as receipts for sales, and the software provides functionality for closing each cash drawer as often as you like during the day, with associated counting.

HansaWorld has unique support for handheld devices. For example, use an Apple iPhone/iPod Touch or Windows CE barcode-driven mobile device on the shop floor to enable salespeople to make sales away from the central cash registers - and print invoices over wireless networks.

Inventory and Outbound Logistics

Everything you buy, make and sell is given an Item code and record - from items of jewelry through to packaging, labor, carriage and the like. Use simple settings to drive whether Enterprise will retain inventory quantities of these Items, whether they can be used on Productions or timesheets, or even comprise parts of kits or bundle offers. Equally you determine whether items are tracked for serial or lot numbers - and for each serial or lot number you can retain independent details, such as carat weight of stones, colors, clarity or even vendor serial numbers.

Enterprise as jewelry software system provides many reference fields on Items for analysis, from dimension details through metals used to major and minor stone details on jewelry items, and brands, styles, movement, strap and gender details on watches. Also you can create as many additional analysis flags as you like on each Item, for additional reporting, and assistance with CRM tools.

Set up different pricing and discount tables for wholesale versus retail customers, or any number of other categories right down to individual customer pricing. Pricing and discounting can apply for specific date ranges, so you can have promotions running for set dates.

Once an order or invoice has been made in the system, Enterprise can trigger various steps automatically:


  • prompt warehousing or other staff which orders needdelivery
  • prompt managers that approval is required for orders below a minimum gross profit percentage
  • prompt customers by email or text message that their order has shipped

It is also possible to tailor any step automatically using HansaWorld ¡s customisation language.

When you create Deliveries within Enterprise, in some countries it is possible to interact automatically with the shipper. For example, Enterprise can send details of number and weight of packages, and delivery address details, to Fedex, whose software then returns images of shipping documentation for printing, and a tracking number which can be used to check the status of the subsequent delivery.

Enterprise as jewelry software solution also provides full support for reporting of salespersons commissions, including having multiple salespeople on an individual sale, different rates per person or for each Item or item type, calculation of bonuses on sales values or gross margin, and even the possibility to restrict bonuses only to those invoices actually paid in a given period.

Also use Enterprise to count showcase or warehouse inventory - either with full or cyclical counts. HansaWorld can even raise adjustments automatically.

Inbound Logistics

Enterprise has an extremely flexible concept for handling purchasing, whereby each Item can have multiple vendors associated with it, each with vendor item codes, costs and lead times. There are numerous batch routines in the software to assist with purchasing, including the ability to create Purchase Orders automatically from actual sales, forecast sales, minimum inventory levels (per location or centrally) or acceptable inventory levels based on sales patterns. Several of these can also be run just-intime, so you only order inventory or components when you need them, rather than tying up valuable working capital in goods that lie around for a while.

Create Purchase Orders using the above automated routines, or manually, and use HansaWorld¡s  built-in approval routines. Enterprise also has built-in email, and so you can email approved Purchase Orders using the stationery you have designed in HansaWorld ¡sForms designer - adding your own fonts, boxes, lines, logos and inventory pictures. Use HansaWorld¡¯s inventory accounting features to post accruals automatically on receipt of goods - these are then automatically reversed on receipt of the vendor invoice. There are even features to allow additional costs, such as freight, customs and insurance, to be added into the inventory valuation and in the accounts. If you take goods on consignment, these can be booked in as consignment inventory using a simple flag to indicate that these are not normal inventory items - while still retaining serial numbers and all other standard HansaWorld features. Balance Sheets can be run with or without consignment inventory values.

Posting the vendor invoice automatically converts the consignment inventory into normal inventory for resale, making all the necessary entries - and since this is done by serial number, you ensure that the invoice is not accidentally posted twice. When your vendor advises you of their retail price lists, it is even possible to import these directly into HansaWorld, including bringing in the pictures automatically.

Service Orders

HansaWorld has integrated handling of repairs, offering all the above features for handling of spare parts, and the ability to put labor and parts on any repair. Each Item can have its own warranty details, and HansaWorld will check whether the Item is still under warranty (if you sold it to the customer). Whatever, you can always override the default as to whether the repair will be under warranty or chargeable.

When you book in the repair, use HansaWorld ¡s  unique feature for photographing the Item, which is launched directly off the repair record. This ensures you have a record of the state of the Item when it ended up in your possession. You can use HansaWorld to track where the item is (whether repaired by you or returned to vendor), what costs were associated with the repair, and then you can automate the creation of an invoice - where appropriate.


Enterprise has integrated modules for manufacturers, whether you make unique items to order or you produce to repetitive styles. Features include:


  • costing of labour, materials, consumables and overheads to productions
  • graphical scheduling of people and machines to tasks (finite capacity planning)
  • routing of tasks giving instructions on how to make as well as what to make when, which can then trigger costing entries on completion of each step of the task
  • automated Materials Requirements Planning, to create forward Production Plans and Purchasing Plans, if necessary on a just-in-time basis. Refer to the Product Sheet ¡°HansaWorld and Production¡± for fuller details.


Enterprise has a fully-integrated webshop, whereby Items created within HansaWorld can be sold online with minimal additional content management. Refer to the Product Sheet ¡°HansaWorld and eCommerce¡± for further details.

Customer Relationship Management

Enterprise has its own, fully interactive Customer Relationship Management modules. Use sales analysis tools like Contact Classifications to flag different attributes of your customers and prospects, and then perform mailshots and emailshots based on these. For example, you can flag everyone who has expressed interest in a specific brand of watch, and email a promotion to them. You can also use tools to create profiles and act on them: everyone who attended a trade show but has not yet bought any of a range of your products can be flagged and mailshotted in two simple steps.

The key to the success of the interaction between these components comes from so much being in one application:


  • sales analysis
  • repetitive letter-writing
  • tools for designing forms, and for sending emails and faxes
  • document management, to support the emailing of attachments
  • automated workflow, which triggers new records.

HansaWorld ¡s workflow includes to do management, whereby you can create to do lists for every action you need to take. Each Activity on the to do list can be attached to the underlying financial record that needs action, such as invoices to pay and vendors to chase for inventory. You can automate the workflow, for example failure to pay an invoice triggering a more active chase in a few days time. Equally you can set alarms, so that important actions remind you of their existence by pop-up windows at critical times, or via email or text message.

Enterprise also interacts fully with various switchboards. You can telephone a company from any customer or vendor facing record, and equally you can have HansaWorld route incoming calls automatically - based on rules such as always sending to the salesperson who looks after the customer, unless there is an outstanding invoice for over 60 days in which case the call is routed to the accounts department.


Enterprise includes its own accounting system, that has over twenty years of solid development and over 74,000 installations. As well as covering all the typical areas, such as credit control, payables, check runs, tax calculations, bank reconciliations and management and statutory reporting,

HansaWorld as jewelry software solution includes the following features that are particularly strong for jewelry companies:


  • unrivalled analysis per transaction line. For example, you can flag Items by vendor, and have these create a complete Profit & Loss for the business you do with that vendor. These analysis codes can be used at the same time to create Profit & Loss reports by shop, region, salesperson, and gender, age and marketing source of customer - or for that matter for any other criteria on which you want to analyse your business.
  • report generator that allows you to create multi-column reports, which can compare actual results for a given date range with prior period or year, budgets, and even committed costs on purchase orders not yet received - all filtered on any chosen analysis code.
  • the ability to add fixed figures for ratio analysis, to drive such things as sales per square foot per showcase. HansaWorld Enterprise covers more complex functionality, such as multi-currency handling for businesses buying or selling in multiple currencies, dual base currency reporting for groups with companies in more than one country, automated intercompany transactions, and full consolidation without the need for external software.

Business Intelligence

Given HansaWorld ¡s unrivalled level of analysis, explained above, it is uniquely suited to Business Intelligence. SmartView by HansaWorld module is a pre-configured series of templates that link the HansaWorld data to a fast, extremely intuitive graphical business intelligence tool. Drill down the many dimensions of analysis you have created to find trends in your business, such as improved sales of rough cut diamonds in one city, reduced sales in one region only on Wednesdays, or poorer vendor performance in delivering components on time.


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