MecWise® ePlatform .NET
MecWise® ePlatform .NET is a platform technology best adopted for building dynamic applications that are traditionally client-server. It is a definition-based architecture, i.e. definitions for forms, controls, events and so on. These definitions are stored on database, which made it dynamic as definition could be changed on the fly.


  • ePlatform Core Object: This object controls the complete application.
  • State Management: Web technology requires that the Web Forms be stateless in order for it ot be scalable.
  • Messaging: The messaging component as the name implies, is used to transfer messages between the different objects.
  • User Control Rendering Engine: This is used to create Web Forms on the fly.
  • Post Back Handler: The post back handler is responsible for handling the client request(Post-back's) when the web-form is already loaded.
  • Business Object: This component provides the business rules.

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