MecWise® Economic Value Added Services
MecWise® Economic Value Added Services is a financial performance measurement solution for TOP Corporations. It is based on worldwide recognised concept of Economic Value-Added (EVA®) , built on SAP®.


  • Hierarchy Structure: tailored to each organisation's needs and requirements. Helps to identify specific areas of responsibilities/EVA measurement.
  • Apportionment Methods/ Allocation Rules: easy-to-define; once determined, can be applied on a periodic basis to cost, revenue and capital to determine EVA.
  • Adjustment of GL balances and Assets costs or Net-Book-Values in EVA do not affect existing financial statement. This flexibility is important to ensure an accurate EVA measurement.
  • Able to perform retrospective reporting of Economic Profit for organisations such as government agencies and statutory boards.
  • Interactive Analysis of Economic Profit via drill-down capability.
  • Facilitate setting and planning of Economic Profit, such that EVA target serves as an effective indicator for communication and performance tuning.
  • Comprehensive Reporting tailored for specific needs and allows EVA to be presented in three forms: Period, Cumulative and Comparative.
  • Flexible selection of GL Accounts and Asset Accounts in EVA Computation and Reporting.
  • Provides simple and easy way of cutting over to new fiscal year, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
  • Option to present figures in other applications or in graphical format.

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