MecWise® Logistics
MecWise® Logistics is an integrated logistics solution. Its architecture is supported by a collection of tools and technologies apparatus catered to meet global coverage and business-critical demand of logistics marketplace. Our customers have leveraged MecWise® Logistics as a competitive solution that provides greater productivity, predictability, and ease of change. Flexibility of the system accelerates business and workflow processes and provides seamless integration with freight forwarding system, warehousing and transportation management.


  • Full integration of operation from freight quotation, job status, confirmation, service request, monitoring, and integration to job costing and financial system
  • Documentation formatting features with more than 100 different format of shipping line built-in
  • Online shipping inquiry gives instant shipping information access to anyone in your company, from any location, at any time
  • Shipping documentation and labelling minimise the need for manual intervention by automatically producing standard bills of lading, shipping labels and carrier manifests
  • Integrated warehouse management system and transportation with a single point of data entry



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