MecWise® Workflow Server
MecWise® Workflow Server is a vital component in any process management system. Workflow involves passing information to a number of recipients to act upon and make decisions.


  • Basic Workflow functions: Support basic functions like workflow approval, denial and etc.
  • Email based routing: Email is the mostly commonly available office productivity tool. It is natural choice to utilise it as a vehicle for transport to the various workflow recipients.
  • Flexible Configurations: Configurations ranges from basic settings like workflow profile, routing list, user-defined roles and actions, to complex rules and data-eccentric routing list.
  • Centralised Control: Centralised control is available.
  • Cancellation of Jobs: Cancel any job in queue or in process.
  • Controllable Workflow: Depending on rights, Workflow routes can be cancelled or withdrawn.
  • Delegation: Workflow recipients can be delegated so that covering and alternate parties can be implemented.
  • Management and Report: Provides consolidated list of Workflow, completed or in-route for the recipients as well as for administrative purpose.

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