MecWise® WebOffice
MecWiseTM WebOffice is a modular intranet/ extranet solution which features a document archive module, project web, virtual conference rooms, contact information, channel publishing, discussion groups and action lists.


  • Simple navigation and user interfaces. User-friendly menu system lets you control who can read, create and delete different resources
  • Easy to publish information into WebOffice using the same attachment methods used in e-mails. Documents are automatically converted to HTML format
  • Functionality, appearance and structure can be designed and developed with the help of the program's toolkit. The user can also build his or her own MecWise® WebOffice modules
  • Additional modules provide solutions within network-based teaching, teleconferencing, public opinion and other surveys, project management, expertise management and much more
  • Allows setting up of a resource centre that both your customers and your customers' customers can use interactively

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