MecWise® Butler & Chef
MecWise® Butler & Chef series software, as the name implies, is a friendly & cost effective solution for busy executives to manage their household chores with ease and be a great chef at the same time. Besides allowing users to create and maintain their favorite recipes with full picture capability, it also helps users to organize the inventory list in the kitchen.


The software enables users to create shopping lists based on the menu planned for the week as well as to project the household's grocery needs based on the past purchase history. The software is not only designed to assist parents in the daily household tasks, it can also be used by children for educational purpose.   Hence, bringing live and fun into the managing of household chores


The software is built using Microsoft's proven technologies and it ensures ease of use with familiar look and feel and text to speech capability.  



·        A number of delicious & ready to cook recipes are readily available.

·        With XML import / export, users can exchange their favorite recipes over Starvision website.

·        Chefs can hear voice instruction to prepare their dishes with the help of text to speech technology.

·        Chefs can watch videos for preparation steps, methods and tips.

·        Printing of shopping list with pictures for ingredients, marinates and seasoning.

·        Ease of searching favorite recipes by the use of F4 key.

·        Assist busy people to plan meal menu in advance.

·        User can plan their dishes by knowing what they have for ingredients to find out what recipes to cook.

·        With planed menus, summarized shopping list with details of ingredients, marinates and seasoning can be printed.


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