ProFlow - Workflow automation
ProFlow - Workflow automation

ProFlow is a workflow automation application for document distribution and workflow management. Supporting all popular business automation applications, ProFlow ensures that your workflow processes run smoothly and on time, and provides a history of all events and decisions. ProFlow is used for the distribution, evaluation and follow up of electronic and paper-based documents.

The screens can be customized for your organisation's routines, requirements and procedures. Define activities, linking them to tasks, task relationships and dependencies, decision (automatic or manual)and criteria, milestones and deadlines, etc. You can also assign roles related to activities - for instance the owner, the performer/doer, and the decision-maker. Maintaining this information is easy using the ProFlow graphical designer, allowing you to define manual and automatic activities, decisions with alternative routing, parallel and serial routing, built-in subsidary workflows, roles and deadlines.

The various combinations of work processors that can be used to create a workflow are shown below:

In the course of the workflow, ProFlow allows you to monitor the process, planned vs.actual dates, deadlines, milestones and consequences and to follow up where required, either manually or automatically.

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