Rental Management Software, Hire Software for companies that rent, lease, hire and lend assets

HansaWorld Rental Management Software offers rental companies a uniqe opportunity to have the whole business in one system. Starting from the first meeting with the customer, following with quotations, purchases, stock handling, to rental, orders, accounting, fixed assets and invoicing.

This allows the company to easily see the history and find information about the items and customers from the system in real time.

Thanks to HansaWorld's document handling it is possible to attach external documents like drawings, product sheets etc. to items in the system. This saves a lot of time and increases productivity.

By having several references in the rental industry like NSS Group, Telinekataja, Britek, we can prove that our rental management solution is very suitable for rental companies.

Table of Contents. Rental Management Solution. Hire Software

Our rental management software supports:

  • Graphical scheduling of the rental fleet
  • Depreciation of assets
  • Servicing of assets
  • Invoicing through the accounts
  • Use of the ERP CRM software system for tracking non-financial information relating to the rental, both before and after the sale
  • E-mailing and faxing of all communications


Rental agreements

Rental agreements cover all the assets a customer wants to rent. Users can view available assets, and the forward schedule of availability in relation to future rentals. This shows when assets are expected back in, or are going out, or simply available - and where the assets are physically. Assets can be entered to the rental agreement via drag and drop.

HansaWorld for rental management requirements supports the creation of bundles of items to rent together, or individual selections. Also there is assistance with categorising large rental fleets into logical groups for faster data entry, and better reporting.

Each rental agreement can pick up standard invoicing terms and methodology, including:

  • Invoices raised at the end of any set number of days or months, or only at the end of the rental.
  • Invoicing in advance or in arrears.
  • Automated invoice date handling compared to the rental period (set number of days prior to or after the period to which the invoice relates). Calculation by reference to all days, only working days, or even patterns of working days agreed specifically with each customer - for example one customer does not get charged for the entire 2 week period over Christmas for which their site is closed, while another only avoids charges for bank holidays.

Different sets of standard terms and conditions can be created, and applied to a rental agreement for automatic printing.


HansaWorld's rental management solution has a graphical scheduling system, for forward bookings. Different groups of rental assets can be viewed together, for immediate feedback on availability. Scheduling conflicts can be resolved by dragging and dropping reservations between individual assets. At the point of allocation, the user can link in any accessories required and determine whether these are disposable, chargeable, or must be returned.


The rental fleet can be grouped into different categories, partly for simpler data entry and display. The user can specify per grouping how much time, if any, assets require for preparation prior to despatch, and for inspection/maintenance after return. HansaWorld's rental management software automatically handles the scheduling implications of the preparation and inspection - showing these with different colours than the actual rental. Charges can be allocated to the rental during the inspection, and the result of the inspection can automatically set the status of the rental asset to active/inactive, and if necessary pass it to the service department for maintenance.

Off-hires, Collections and Swap Outs

HansaWorld supports your business, whether your customers return their rentals, you collect from them, or a third party performs the collection. Design your own forms to support the collection process, and add any necessary charges, such as transportation - if necessary automatically. Any items that are missing at the time of collection can be marked as such on the Collection, and charged appropriately.

There is also simple handling of exchanges, for faulty items. This ensures proper traceability of which assets are on site, while also integrating with the Service Orders module for the required maintenance.


Invoices can be raised from individual agreements, or in batches. The latter is more appropriate for companies with long rental periods, such as plant hire. Invoices can be designed to any format you require, and different designs can be issued to different groups of customers.

Multiple Locations - Depots and Customer Sites

HansaWorld's rental software is ideal for use in companies with multiple locations, partly as a result of the strength of the wide-area networking. All branches can review the same data, and so determine not just fleet availability at their own location but across all locations. There is a transfer feature for movements between locations, which includes the ability to add transfer costs. This extends to stock control of accessories at each location, where items need to be sent for maintenance, and for that matter where actual stock is maintained (for companies that sell as well as rent).

If your customers have multiple sites, and complexities regarding invoicing to different locations than the rental location, HansaWorldӳ standard functionality for this purpose is ideal.


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