Retail Management Software solution

HansaWorld Retail management solution includes all necessary retail functionality. With using our retail system, you have quick access to real-time financial figures, stock levels and customer relations information.

Running separate back- and front-office systems in the retail industry guarantees problems. The effective solution is to have one real-time integrated system

The biggest headaches in retail solutions are generally stock control, stock management, cash control, interfaces and real-time transactions. Many problems have to do with transferring data between front and back office systems. Also, day-end routines and batch routines uploading data from store level to head office often cause delays in reporting and decision making.

HansaWorld offers different types of interfaces for every type of sale area, from the most basic cashier operation, order sales and tele-sales to web sales, all in one system. These interfaces are initiative and simple to use, so training a cashier with no IT literacy is fast.

Our cash control and cash-up procedures are designed to make your day-end process as simple as possible. All you have to do is run a report and all subsequent process can be followed from the report. Our cloud services technology allows you to communicate to third party payment systmes, gift voucher and loyalty programs.

All POS peripherals connect seamlessly to our product and our multi-operating-system technology allows you to sell from small devices such as Windows Mobile and CE, Symbian and Pocket PC.

Stock level and financial transactions can be updated live as you sell from multiple locations, or you can choose to have day end batching routines. For live stock and transaction retail environments we have developed a failsafe method, should you lose connection to your server. Called "POS offline", it allows sales transactions to be first saved at store level and can then be synchronized when connection is re-established.

Our comprehensive pricing functionality allows you to have separate price lists per customer, type of customer or combination of item per customer. Prices can be set up inclusive or exclusive of VAT. We also understand the need to have different pricing structures for the same item at different stores and the maintenance routines will update and change prices based on the parameters and intelligence you have specified, all at a click of a button. Prices and discounts can also be made dependent on the quantity of an item that is sold.

Interactive item status bars can give the operator a full overview of stock availability per store, information about what stock is coming in and what has already been reserved for customers. Inter-branch stock transfers can be fully tracked from when the requesting party requests stock, to the transit operation, to when the stock arrives at the receiving party. Different cost prices per item per location can be maintained and separate stock accounts can be maintained on your balance sheet. Items can be identified by the Master Item code, alternative and supplier codes. Having unlimited barcodes per item complements our multiple item units function. When an item is procured from multiple suppliers, the supplier ordering information can be maintained per supplier, pricing, currencies, lead times, order qty. etc.

Minimum levels per item per store can help with automatic replenishment of stock. Buyers have the accuracy of the system suggesting which items to buy and when to buy them, to the flexibility of creating Purchase requisitions manually or asking for system generated orders. Stock takes can be done periodically per location or per area (snapshots), the system will highlight variances and recommended actions to perform.


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