Government Software Solution for State Institutions

Enterprise is a perfect solution as Government Software for state institutions and organizations as it guarantees accurate and precise accounting along with easy data-entry and logical work-flows.

As detailed and complex analytics is a must in state institutions' accounting, HansaWorld as Government Software allows to set up a complex accounting and analytics system (Chart of Accounts, Objects and Object Types).

HansaWorld's powerful control system - called Object Type Control - guides users firmly through the unavoidable choice of multiple analytical objects for each and every transaction, invoice or any other document to be entered.

HansaWorld's flexible and fast reporting allows to look at financial data from any angle due to perfected analytics possibilities. Furthermore, HansaWorld as Government Software brings cutting-edge technology to state institutions by providing various services via internet - e-payments, e-invoices, address lookup and others. By integrating ERP, CRM and communications into our system, HansaWorld makes interaction with any contact as efficient as possible.


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