We have available stocks for various POS products:

Barcode Scanner

Available Models Downloads
Birch BF-481 Long Range CCD Scanner [Brochure]
Birch BD-388 CCD Scanner [Brochure]
Birch CD-100 Short Range CCD Scanner [Brochure]
Birch BS-915B Laser Scanner [Brochure]
Riotec LS-6020 Laser Scanner [Specs]
Birch BS-370 Omni-directional Laser [Brochure]
Birch BT-49i Portable Wireless 3-in-1 [Brochure]





Cash Drawer

Available Models Downloads
Birch POS-413IIBP [Specs]
Birch POS-503IIBP [Specs]


Customer Display

Available Models Downloads
Birch DSP-850IIB [Brochure]


Receipt Printer

Available Models Downloads
Birch BP-003BN Thermal [Brochure]
TYSSO PRP-085III Thermal [Brochure]
TYSSO PRP-088III Thermal [Brochure]
TYSSO PRP-058IIG Thermal [Brochure]
Birch BP-007 Dot Matrix [Brochure]
TYSSO PRP-076C Dot Matrix [Brochure]


Barcode Printer

Available Models Downloads
ARGOX OS-214TT [Specs]
ARGOX OS-2130D [Specs]
Birch BP-846M [Brochure]


PDA and Handheld

Available Models Downloads
Unitech PA968 [Brochure]
Unitech PA600 [Brochure]


( We also provide rental services to logistic companies using PDAs to do stock take. )







Programmable keyboards, MSR Reader, Thermal Paper Rolls & Dot-matrix ribbons, and more...