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Increasing globalisation and constantly growing international competition makes financial services one of the most dynamic industries in the current marketplace. Proven leaders in the financial services sector have achieved their dominant positions not only with exceptional professionalism and global reach but also by constantly being on the cutting edge of modern technology. Automated business processes, constant access to various job related information, the ability to make quick well researched decisions and smart management of a growing flow of information give a definite competitive edge to all companies that have decided to implement a modern, state-of-the-art Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning solutions.

With its Integrated Business Platform HansaWorld serves more than 74,000 customers worldwide with 45 system modules currently available to deliver maximum functionality for businesses across the globe. Companies from the financial services sector will appreciate such features as advanced project management with tightly integrated budgeting. Job costing and resource planning modules will allow them to optimize the usage of consulting resources and to have more control over the per-hour billing of customers. For companies with international reach HansaWorld delivers mobile access to all data in the CRM/ERP system and the ability to generate reports and manage information on-the-go using an interface translated into 29 languages.

Being a cross-platform solution, HansaWorld allows its clients' offices in different countries to work together in different hardware and software environments that give you the ability to expand your business without any additional costs or integrate existing infrastructure without any change of hardware in your offices, so you can invest more money in your business or your people.

Choose HansaWorld to secure a competitive edge and help your company become the most efficient and smartest player in the market!


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