Key Benefits


Expand capabilities beyond your own

IT Professional

"IT is the driving force for productivity and innovation"

Flexi-working Associates

"Expand your work space, integrate your workplace with modern lifestyle"

HR Practitioners

"Stream-line processes and improve efficiency"




Be at the Forefront of Technology

Implement Flexible-work Arrangements

Ready yourself with proven HR Solutions

MecWise® eBusiness Solutions are built with the latest technology. This will help you to be at the forefront of technology. Leverage on cutting-edge technology. Improve your domain knowledge and explore new business ideas.
The MecWise® Partner Alliance emphasizes flexi-working. Say goodbye to 9 to 5 desk-bound jobs. Implement your desired working arrangement, synchronize your work-life with everyday commitments.
With the Singapore push to for SMEs to adopt appropriate HR practices, there have been many grants to assist SMEs financially to implement HR solutions to enhance productivity. Value-add your HR advice with a set of proven HR Solutions.

Financially Rewarding & Fulfilling


Fast Returns on Results

Monthly Recurrent Revenue

Promotion & Progression

What you reap is what you sow. The MecWise® Alliance boasts of its incentive scheme. You see the results of your work after each deal is sealed. Incentives are recurrent. The solutions offered in the MecWise® Alliance are “Pay-as-you-use”. As long as your clients subscribe to MecWise® HR services and you continue to provide service to your client, you will be duly rewarded. For those whom feel that they need to work toward a goal; to continually strive for excellence and be given the opportunity for promotion, we have a scheme catered just for you! For more information on promotion & progression, contact us now!



















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