Support Assurance


The MecWise® Partner Alliance is providing a quality assurance to the support we deliver to our partners. Your clients are our clients too. We believe that constructing a good partnership is key to our partner's success as well as ours. Let us work together to fulfill the collaboration.

Here's our word for it.


You will first be trained with the product features and the ease of using our systems. For those new to the business, StarVision will put in our best efforts to place you ahead of the pack.



Partners will utilize a toolkit specifically designed for the MecWise® Alliance. The toolkit consist everything from a demo account to MecWise® Brochures that you can leverage on to showcase the strength of pairing IT with your services. Partners are given freedom to package their services with ours.


Some clients may request for more in-depth system requirement study. This may require deeper IT knowledge. This is where the MecWise® Alliance emphasizes on our strong desire to build good partnerships. We will provide the tech support to you, to ensure that both you and your client have a wonderful experience. Our consultants will guide our partners along the way and ensure that our partners do not lose their lead because of IT.


All IT-related support is provided by StarVision. At the point of implementation, StarVision’s application engineers will configure the systems for your clients. After-sales support is provided to all our partners’ clients. Your clients are our clients too.




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