Non Profit Management Software (Accounting, Membership)

For the Not for Profit Sector and Trade Bodies

HansaWorld for the Not for Profit sector and Trade Bodies is a single application for all your organisation's needs. Uniquely, it combines accounting management, donor/membership management, document management, project costing, property management, electronic point of sale, email, expenses and much more.

All of this is built on unrivalled technology:


  • The software runs on Windows, Mac (including Apple on Intel), Linux
  • Out of the box support for multiple sites on the same server, access by mobile staff, working from home without the need for expensive, additional hardware
  • Access from certain mobile phones not just to emails, calendars and timesheets, but to all aspects of the non profit accounting and donor/membership management software system
  • Powerful integration with Microsoft Office products to increase your productivity. More about business productivity software


Non Profit Donor/Membership Management

For many Not for Profit organisations, managing donors and members effectively is the key to maximising income and retaining donors/members on a long term basis. HansaWorld provides a total ERP CRM solution that allows not only to record contact details but to track campaigns, report on income and activity from individuals, enabling you to maximise the efforts of the donors and volunteers who support your organisation.

Project Accounting

HansaWorld non profit management software offers unrivalled analysis within the chart of accounts, enabling you to track and report on restricted and unrestricted funds, gift aid reporting, partial VAT recovery. For example, SORP (Sustainable Organic Resources Partnership, reporting is easily achieved without the need to rekey or manipulate data to comply with legal requirements. Income and expenditure reports about specific projects give full project visibility. Budget holders are able to access data that relates specifically to their cost centres. For more complex projects, HansaWorld has a fully integrated project accounting module.


Control of all aspects of the purchasing process, whether for individual projects or overheads, is achieved through HansaWorldos integrated purchase ordering screens. You can record purchase orders for all key purchases, allocated against projects. Authorisations are handled electronically and either kept as a simple "yes" or "no", or more flexible with different authorisers (or groups of authorisers) for each type of purchase at different cost levels. Purchase invoices can be raised directly from the purchase order and posted straight into the accounts. There is even a separate Expenses module, allowing users who incur expenses (travel, subsistence, mileage, entertaining, etc.) to enter their own expenses, rather than requiring manual claim sheets which would then have to be re-keyed.

Property Management

Many Not for Profit organisations own properties. Managing these is typically done manually or through a third party non profit management software systems. HansaWorld provides a fully integrated system enabling you to manage your property portfolio, invoicing rental income, scheduling repairs and maintenance, and capturing all income and expenditure against individual properties.

Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS)

If your organisation has retail outlets that require electronic point of sale, then HansaWorld is for you. The HansaWorld EPOS system is fully integrated with the core system, negating the necessity for interfaces and manual re-keying of data.

Web Shop

If you would like to receive donations and membership requests and renewals, or sell publications and goods over the internet, HansaWorld Web Shop provides the ideal solution that is fully integrated with the HansaWorld back office solution.


With HansaWorld non profit management software forget any re-keying of data between systems Ƀ it includes a full accounts package, as accredited for example by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. This provides everything from VAT handling and reports for your auditors, to bank reconciliations, statements and extensive, standard reporting.



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