Founded in 2000, Quanta's Enterprise Solution Business Unit (ESBU) is an innovator which focuses on ODM/OEM business development and manufacturing of high-performance enterprise solution products while collaborating with global system integrators to provide Server, Storage, VoIP, Networking and Security solutions for Small, Medium and Large enterprise industries.

Quanta's ESBU has more than 300 experienced researchers for developing complete & high-quality enterprise products which enable enterprises to manage file database more effectively, to enhance business more efficiently, and as a result, to get more profits eventually. Meanwhile, we also provide highly customized service to meet customers' needs and value partnership with each customer.

By leveraging Quanta's strong manufacturing infrastructure, worldwide logistics, service centers, and supply chain, ESBU can offer customer timely, stable and high quality products. Definitely, Quanta ESBU is indeed your trustworthy e-business partner around the world.

Our mission is to be the leading company focusing on various industries of enterprise solutions in the world: we not only lead the technology trend with innovative, cost-effective, and reliable business platform but also direct the growth of enterprises.

Blade Server

Being top performer with less space and energy than those required by conventional rack server farms, Quanta's blade servers provide great reliability, availability and scalability for various mission-critical applications. Customer can add required server blades based on business needs, protecting investment and offering great flexibility.

Hermes 6480: Great Value for HPC and Server Consolidation.

Jointly developed with Intel, the QSSC-S4R is powered by the Intel Xeon® Processor 7500 series for the expandable server segment. Designed specifically for high performance computing environments such as datacenters and large enterprises, the rack mounted QSSC-S4R features significant benefits including expandability with up to 4 processors with 32 independent processor cores, 1/2 Terabyte system memory via 64 memory DIMMs, 10 PCIe expansion slots, and as much as 4TB of internal storage.

Impressively outstanding 1U rackmount server

Featured by specific lines of choices, Quanta’s 1U rackmount server is highly scalable, swiftly deployable and versatile for business in general-purpose development. Characteristics, including 1U form factor, 20” depth chassis, outstanding processing capability with comprehensive CPU support from Intel® 3000 series up to 5000 series and so on, all make Quanta’s rackmount server be the first choice for your business’ application and performance expectation.

KVM Solution

KVM Technology is the ability to control a computer by connecting directly to the Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM) ports with the following advantages.


  • No server modifications are required
  • No Software, No Hardware
  • Available at all times, from BIOS to Windows
  • True motherboard level access
  • Common to multiple platforms


When the technology applies to Enterprise level, it provides remote access to hundreds to thousands of servers, and can be a multiple operator to be used in various computer types.
Quanta Computer dedicates lots of efforts to KVM Solution in order to help a company's IT departments keep its employees and systems up and running continuously. Quanta's PCI-based KVM controller can be used in any server with a PCI slot. With the server is equipped with KVM function, the user can control the mouse and keyboard of the managed server with the remote console via the internet, even when the OS is unavailable or the system is powered down.
Besides, it features Virtual Storage function: when the user launches Virtual Storage function from OCX, managed server will detect that a USB storage device (e.g. USB CD-ROM drive) is attached. At the remote console PC side, OCX will access the same type of storage device (e.g. CD-ROM drive) and send to the managed server to emulate a USB storage device attached on host managed server.
As KVM function provides remote control and storage access functions for server product, the security of network access and data transmission is very important. Quanta uses
  • RC4 cipher algorithm to encrypt and decrypt the data of KVM and Virtual Storage
  • AES cipher algorithm to encrypt and decrypt the control commands of KVM and Virtual Storage transmission
  • Embedded hardware AES and RC4 cryptographic engines to enhance encryption/decryption performance.
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