Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation of the United States and other countries.
STARVISION attained a significant milestone in being the first company in Singapore to sign the Microsoft Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Agreement with Microsoft USA. This major stride marks a symbolic advancement for STARVISION to embed Microsoft applications in our products. Our customers will be able to purchase STARVISION products which encompass mainstream Microsoft applications such as SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange. Simply, it would bring substantial savings for system owners and remarkably high quality of products and services associated with Microsoft ISV programs.

Jeeves business mission is to provide Jeeves Enterprise - a tecnically advanced business sys­tem with high functionality that is distributed through partners to companies in the manu­facturing, trade, maintenance and service sectors.


BroadWeb Corporation, founded in mid-fall 1999, is a leading company providing complete network security technology from network layer to application layer. BroadWeb technical expertise is in high-speed networking, high speed string matching, network security and policy-based management techologies. With the combination of these core technologies, BroadWeb is able to provide quality network security products fro enterprise to protect thier network for many aspect without comprising on the performance, accurancy and cost.
Currently, BroadWeb is focusing on providing application layer network security appliances with complete hardware / software solution. The products posses multiple network security features including Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Anti-virus, Anti-P2P, Anti-IM, Anti-Spam and Anti-Porn and more. With the evolution of products that continuously meets the changing needs of customers; BroadWeb empowers enterprise network security and improves the productivity as well.
Founded in August 2000, Softnext is specialized in developing professional email content security products such as SPAM SQR and Mail SQR expert, to improve quality of email service and maintain employees’ productivity for enterprise management demand. Targeted on total coverage of email content security solution, Softnext product is adopted by prestigious enterprises worldwide such as ASUS, Evergreen Group, ASE Group, D-Link, Chunghwa Telecom, etc. In recent years, Softnext has won most of major IT technology awards in Taiwan. Next, Softnext will offer versatile content security management solution to network protocols including SMTP, IMAP, POP3, HTTP, IM, P2P, VoIP, etc.


For more than 25 years, HansaWorld has been helping its customers to successfully run their businesses with HansaWorld business systems.

HansaWorld provides a single, integrated solution covering Accounts, Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management. Unusual for an ERP vendor, HansaWorld has also developed fully integrated vertical market solutions for hotels, restaurants, retail, professional services, manufacturing, membership, rental and training companies.

MecWise  ® Network  

Qno is a leading developer of broadband network management and security products. Since 2004, we have been assisting SMBs to reduce operating cost for networking and ensure IT security with outstanding multi-WAN network security routers. Within few years, we have been awarded with numerous IT awards and acclaims, so as to grow into one of the most desired brand names of networking equipment for mid-to-small corporations. According to the media surveys of most influential networking equipment brands in China, for 4 years Qno has been continuously voted as among the top 10. We are also the fastest growing SMB network equipment supplier who continues to push for the technological edge in the industry.

Focusing on “3S principle”: Secure, Speedy, and Simple, we believe the simplified controls can at the same time offer speedy and secure quality of networks. We have applied 3S principle to all our innovative network technologies, and have partnered with worldwide corporate IT managers seeking for smarter and easier network management solutions, better bandwidth usage of corporate network as well as stranger security of network system.


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