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- Multi-core State-of-art Router

- Multi-
WAN Load Balancing (2-way)
- Data Security
- QoS Bandwidth Management at Application Layer
- High Availability (very affordable)
- Easy Configuration and Management
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Qno's QoS Firewall Routers focus on delivering high performance and resilient operational demands, combining Multi-WAN, Load Balance, 3G Backup, Firewall, QoS Management in a private network, eg the MPLS network like Singtel Meg@pop, etc.

Qos Firewall Router
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Gigabit QoS Firewall Router

Full gigabit interface for high capacity of broadband sharing
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Qno's Security Appliances are focus on IP-VPN and Multi–WAN connection with broadband sharing and security functions, integrating Multiple VPN Protocols, Load Balance, 3G Backup, QoS, and Advanced Firewall with ARP Attack Prevention to operate on today’s internet environment.

VPN Security Router

Suitable for Enterprise and Chain Store IP-VPN Network
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Qno's SSL VPN Security Appliances are focus on data security and flexible control to satisfy the data access needs of the people on the move.

Target Users

Qno is committed to designing state-of-the-art network equipments to:

  • Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs)
  • Internet Cafés/ Cyber Cafés
  • Residential Communities
  • Chained Business of Hotel
  • Education Institutes
  • Medical organizations
  • Chain Stores / Franchise Stores
  • Manufacturers
  • Logistics Companies
  • Real Estates
  • Local Government / Organizations
  • Financial Institutions

Qno Environmental Policy

Qno contribute its effort to protect our living environment by implementing green solutions in product design, manufacture, and packaging. They endeavor to achieve:

- All products pass the EU environmental protection certification—RoHS. It proves materials used for
production include no hazardous substances to protect the environment and also guarantee the security
of consumer usage.

- Most of models adopt the outstanding design of heat conduction which doesn't need any fan but solve the
overheat problem. Such design avoids operating noise and successfully save extra energy consumed by fan.

- They continuing execute their energy and carbon economical policies for all these years, hoping to contribute
to societies and next generations on the Earth.
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